Witty Wednesday - No Sports

Week two without sports:

Found a young lady sitting on my couch yesterday. Apparently she’s my wife. She seems nice.

Can you relate??

This quarantine business seems to be affecting all areas of our lives. While I don’t watch tons of sports I am feeling NASCAR withdrawals. They are holding virtual races, which are slightly entertaining, but it’s just not the same. And I haven’t brought myself to watching any archived races. Yet.

Creating word art for you is one way we’re keeping our minds off world events, and staying busy while stuck at home. So in case you’ve found yourself bored with a bunch of extra time on your hands, why not browse through our online print shop, featuring interesting prints, posters, t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases.

Until next time, may words bless you!

* * * Chris & Jen

P.S. Missing something while homebound? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Jennifer on

    What I miss most? The beach and thrifting🥰

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