Witty Wednesday - Homeschool Schedule

Welcome to Witty Wednesday!

In honor of all homeschooling parents and remote educators, we present this humorous (yet perhaps accurate) daily routine:

Homeschool Schedule

9:00 - Intro to toilet flushing

9:15 - Lab: Turning off the light switch and closing a door

9:30 - Lecture Series: Why we don’t eat the food under the cushions

10:00 - Group Project: How to stop making unnecessary noise

10:30 - Presentation: How to close a Cheez-Its bag

11:00 - Lecture Series: It’s not all about you

11:30 - Covering a Cough 101

12:30 - Lecture Series: What happens when we eat all the Fruit Loops in one day

1:00 - Advanced Chewing With Your Mouth Closed

1:30 - Lecture series: The importance of changing underwear

2:00 - Field Trip: How to have fun without leaving the porch

2:30 - Lecture Series: Reading is not punishment

3:00 - Essay Topic: How to fill 12 hours of screen time

(List found on Facebook)

Until next time, may words bless you!

* * * Chris & JeN

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