The Case of the Damaged Print

As today’s scene unfolds, we see a brand new print created by CJ Prints, carefully packaged into a sturdy cardboard mailer, and handed off to the Post Office to begin its journey to one lucky customer.

Sadly, at some point along the way the package was dropped (ouch), stepped on (oof), or mangled (eek) inside some gigantic postal sorting machine. Oh, no! The precious print inside was crushed or bent or folded, and upon delivery, our customer’s hopes and dreams of displaying said artwork in their home or office were dashed.

But if something like this should happen to you, there is hope! (Cue the sounds of harps and fairy sparkles!) Simply contact us right away and our re-print department will spring into immediate action to create and send a replacement ASAP at no charge. Crisis averted!

And so concludes another true-to-life story of how CJ Prints works extra hard to keep customers like you happy.

The end!

Until next time, may words bless you!

* * * Chris & Jen

P.S. Comments or questions are always welcome. How can we serve you better?

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