Top Ten Tuesday - Most Popular Uber Eats


With lockdowns in place, many folks are resorting to having their food delivered.

We discovered an interesting list by state of the top kinds of food Uber Eats dropped on people’s doorsteps during the Month of March. And yes, there are 35 items on this list, not just 10, so treat this as a bonus!

Arizona: French fries

California: Chicken tikka masala

Colorado: Carne asada fries

Connecticut: Burrito bowl

Florida: French fries

Georgia: Pad Thai

Hawaii: BBQ mixed plate

Illinois: French fries

Indiana: Waffle fries

Iowa: Large poké bowl

Kentucky: Pad Thai

Louisiana: Chips with queso

Maine: Cheese pazzo bread

Maryland: Egg, bacon and cheese

Massachusetts: Burrito

Michigan: Pad Thai

Minnesota: Garlic naan

Missouri: Crab Rangoon

Montana: Enchiladas

Nevada: Chicken teriyaki bowl

New Jersey: Chicken sandwich

New York: Jerk chicken

North Carolina: Nachos

Ohio: Notso fries

Oklahoma: Spicy tuna roll

Oregon: Fried chicken

Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak

Rhode Island: Hot dog

South Carolina: French fries

Tennessee: Pad Thai

Texas: Pad Thai

Utah: Carne asada fries

Virginia: French fries

Washington: French fries

Wisconsin: Crab Rangoon

Until next time, may words bless you!

* * * Chris & Jen

P.S. Let us know your favorite food in the comments below!

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