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We end each week on an inspirational note, with a feature called “Spiritual Saturday.” Nothing preachy, just some genuine thoughts from us designed to lift your thoughts to things above... 

Gardening is a popular pastime. A recent survey revealed American gardeners spend nearly $50 billion a year taking care of their lawns and gardens, with the average household plunking down more than $500. My wife and I have spent more than our fair share raising green children on our home’s quarter acre.

Over several months we had gathered native wildflower seeds from various sources; an online nursery, a local park, from a neighborhood walk, and even from beside the highway. We filled dozens of tiny pots with soil, used the end of a plastic spoon to dig small holes, dropped in two or three seeds, then smoothed the dirt with our fingers. Finally, the trays were spritzed with water and placed in a sunny location.

After patiently waiting for several days we began experiencing the wonderful marvel of new life as little green shoots began springing up from the brown earth. Soon we’d have maturing plants ready to be transplanted into the garden to bloom all season long.

One gloomy Friday Jesus paid sin’s penalty with his blood, and was laid to rest in a cold, dark tomb. Early on Easter morning God called his son out of that grave, proving with supernatural power that Christ’s perfect sacrifice for us was complete. His resurrection paved the way for us to emerge from Satan’s slavery, to grow and transform into complete Christians.

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