Fun Fact Friday - Furry (and Feathered!) Friends

Happy May Day!

Friday posts are dedicated to sharing fun filled facts about us, our lives, our family - brief details that give you a glimpse into just who runs this little corner of the internet and will hopefully help you get to know us better.

CJ Prints is operated by (C)hris and (J)en, who IRL live on a quarter acre wannabe farm in the middle of an Orlando suburb. On said farm they enjoy raising the following critters:

Pickles the cat adopted us last Thanksgiving. He’s a rambunctious eight month old tiger tabby mix, who chatters at birds out the window, chases his “moth” (a homemade toy made from twine and a cloth scrap), and commanding the household from high atop his Costco cat tree.

Dixie dog joined the family as a shelter pet in 2008. She’s a hyperalert Jack-Rat Terrier who survived a case of parvo, loves long walks, guards the house with her viscous barks, and snuggles with us on the couch whenever she can.

Dot - Black Sexlink bantam
Cocoa - Brown bantam
June - Sort of pheasant colored Easter Egger
Georgia - White/buff Ameraucana
Opal - Black and white Barred Rock
Violet - Fancy black and white Silver Laced Wyandotte
Gertie - Golden Buff Orpington

We enjoy morning coffee nearly every day while letting the sweet backyard hens scratch and peck and take dust baths. They provide eggs and entertainment, jousting with each other, and occasionally perching on our heads!

Until next time, may words bless you!

* * * Chris & Jen

P.S. Let us know your favorite pets in the comments below!

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