A Brush With Nobility

Our latest sale goes to a surprising lady from Vernon, Connecticut.

We weren’t amazed she purchased a 12x18 size print featuring a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt.

It wasn’t stunning to discover her small town was named in honor of George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate, and we certainly weren’t startled to learn Vernon’s early history was partially built around two rivers (the Hockanum and Tankerhoosen) that provided a perfect location to build cotton spinning mills and other industrial factories.

No, the most astonishing thing about our customer was the title they included in the ‘Ship To’ section: “Her Majesty.”

Even though we might have been flabbergasted for a moment, it’s not our place to judge the validity of this claim to royalty. So, we filled her order right away, since we always treat each customer as if they were a king or queen.

More than 7100 people have trusted CJ Prints to create high quality word art fit for displaying in a castle, mansion, or even the humblest of abodes. What might we print for you today? 

(And make sure you tell us exactly who it’s for and where to send it when you order!)

Until next time, may words bless you!

* * * Chris & Jen

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